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ALTER EGO Curativ Ego Treatment for Greasy Hair 12 Applications

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HAIR TREATMENT FOR GREASY HAIR: the lotion for greasy hair works as rebalancer of the sebaceous secretion of the scalp. It reduces the excess of oils and grease developing a purifying action which helps to restrain from the diffusion of the sebum along the hair and giving to the hair bounce and brightness. It does not interfere with the normal secretion of the skin grease whereas avoid the excessive stimulation of the glands working as a delicate hygienic-cosmetic action. Directions: wash the hair accurately with the shampoo and then dry it with a towel. Apply the lotion throughouly on the scalp and massage gently. Leave it on for few minutes and without rinsing it out proceed with the hair style. Contains : 12 Vials X 10 ml
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