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Mane n Tail- Mane n Tail Maximum Herbal Gro

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Mane n Tail
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Now you can discover the secret behind luxuriously silky, healthy hair. The Original Mane 'n Tail Herbal-Gro is an advanced herbal styling and conditioning solution. Herbal-Gro utilizes the natural power of herbs in an exclusively prepared formula to transform dull lifeless hair and dry scalp into beautiful hair and a healthy conditioned scalp. Result from our Mane n Tail Maximum Strength Herbal-Gro exclusive application of natural herbs and essential oils: * Promotes stronger, healthier, shinier hair. * More nourishment and conditioning for your scalp. * Helps stop and prevent breakage and split ends. * Revitailzes, strengthens and moisturizes dry, damaged and relaxed or colored hair. Directions: After shampooing and conditioning, apply and massage into hair and scalp. Use as often as desired or needed. Style as usual. Size : 5.5 oz
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