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SEDAL- SEDAL Smoothing Leave in

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Its unique formula with hydrolyzed protein gives you the three solutions for a smooth flawless throughout the day: -Smooth evenly from root to tip Rebel-hairs Alignment -Anti-frizz * The product line Sedal Smooth Perfect was specially developed with ingredients that increase the smoothing of the hair surface through the deposition of conditioning agents forming lubricant layer on the hair fiber, making the surface more homogeneous. So you can really get a perfectly smooth it's important that you always use the shampoo, conditioner after. Styling cream is optional, but if you use you'll notice the best results. 6 Benefits of using Perfect Smooth styling cream. Styling your hair highlighting its natural shine. Do not dry your hair because it contains ethyl alcohol. Shape your hair natural looking and lightweight. With conditioning ingredients to reduce the fall break. Because it contains silicone hair moves more easily and messy. It leaves the feeling of hardness, caused for example by fixing sprays. Products Sedal line of silicone, an ingredient responsible for the production of smooth coatings and lubricants on the outside of the hair fibers. When it comes to hair with silicone, hair becomes more slippery and therefore as the comb fingers can slip easily through the hair fibers, because the silicone reduces the friction forces. If we compare the memorizers with a note post it as an analogy where one hits a note to a table. It sticks to the table but can be removed and pasted elsewhere. The same happens when after applying styling cream, a comb your hair, it keeps its shape but can be combed again and the results still remain.
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