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SEDAL- SEDAL Curly Hair Shampoo

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Obedient Curly line created an exclusive formula defines curls hidroelastina controlling volume and reducing frizz *. The secret of Obedient Curly Sedal work is to use the entire line, curly hair tends to dry and more ill-treated by its own structure, which is why all designed Sedal line to keep them under control curls and frizz. Natural Elastin is a protein that makes up 4% of the dermis, and its function is to allow the skin to stretch 100% of its length. Obedient Curly Sedal line contains as emotional ingredient composed Hydrolyzed Elastin Elastin and Water. The line also contains arginine, an ingredient that has excellent hydrophilic properties (water binding), and therefore, moisturizes the hair fiber after their penetration into it. The shampoo leaves your hair clean, conditioner makes it easier to unwind, plus also leaves them soft and manageable styling cream helps protect your hair from environmental aggressions and keeps the curls defined.
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